“Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”
Franklin D Roosevelt

The Freda Gardham School was de-commissioned in 2008 and Rye Creative Centre, originally The School Creative Centre, was launched in 2009 by B&R Productions and developed as a centre of creative excellence, providing a unique studio resource within East Sussex for professional artists from across the visual and performance spectrum to develop, design and make new work alongside a programme of performances, events and workshops for the local and wider community.

In 2014 B&R Productions handed over the management of the building to the charity ARRCC and New Road Artists was formed. Made up of a dynamic and exciting mix of artists from a range of backgrounds and traditions, the studio holders’ collective includes sculptors, painters, photographers, textile artists, illustrators, designers and makers: a combination of creative minds and talented hands.  Visiting and resident artists offer a range of workshops, master-classes, talks and demonstrations. Rye Creative Centre is an accessible building and staff and volunteers welcome workshop participants of all abilities. Please get in touch with us if you would like to arrange additional support to enable you to attend a workshop.

Rye Creative Centre continues to flourish alongside the ARRCC charity.  ARRCC provide a range of support, advice and training opportunities for physically and sensory impaired adults aged 18 + and have been running arts activities for their clients at the centre since 2010.  Find out more about ARRCC on their website.



Rye Creative Centre aims to:

  • be a facility striving for excellence
  • provide affordable studio space for local artists
  • bring together different sectors of the community
  • enhance the lives of local people
  • provide employment and training opportunities for local people
  • attract new audiences and visitors to the area
  • contribute to the financial growth of the area
  • provide an environment where artists can experiment, take risks and strive for excellence


Suzanne is our Administrator.  She is in the office Tuesday – Friday 9am – 2.30pm. Contact her via email or call 01797 229 797

Paula MacArthur is our gallery Curator, contact her via email or call 01797 229 797

Shelley Gibbon is our Development & Arts Programme Manager, contact her via email

Caoimhe O’Gorman is our Arts Programme Assistant, contact her via email