New Road Artists

Rye Creative Centre is home to 37 artists, designer-makers and creative companies, with studios or archives permanently on site. Our resident artists are known collectively as New Road Artists. Resident artists also receive access to a range of spaces and facilities suitable for holding workshops and classes (see our spaces page) and can choose to participate in our annual exhibitions and arts events programme.  See below for a full list of our current residents. Studios are available for temporary and permanent hires, please contact us for further information and details of how you can join our waiting list.




Award winning artist Nicholas Archer studied painting at the Royal Academy Schools. He shows with Long & Ryle Contemporary Art in London, Gowen Contemporary in Geneva and Absolute gallery in Bruges and Brussels. He regularly shows at international art fairs and has his work in private and public collections around the world. Nick runs regular life drawing classes printmaking and painting classes at Rye Creative Centre.
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Daryl Balcombe is predominantly a figurative painter. Recent work has been inspired by a collection of vintage photographs.  From loose spontaneous water colours to distorted oils, with a limited palette.
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Elizabeth Barton

Elizabeth graduated in fine art from Otago New Zealand, majoring in printmaking, and travelled to London in 1985 where she worked as an artist and illustrator. Clients included Penguin Books, Daily Telegraph and Broadgate. In 2000 she became a professional pilot. In 2009 Elizabeth made a return to fine art. She is a member of both the East London
Printmakers and of the Society of Graphic Fine Artists.
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Relative new studio holder at RCC and loving every second I am there.  Figurative painter although i have huge interest in all art and artists.  Member of The Society of Equestrian Artists winning The Presidents Medal years ago.  Painting horses was my first love and securing commissions for The queen Mothers box at Cheltenham and lots of owners and trainers helped by my association with Felix Rosenstiels of London Coalport Wedgwood china and The Osbourne Studio gallery paid my bills !  Currently I am experimenting with solar plate etching.

image : Tumbler Dove. Oil and gold on patinated copper




Studied archaeological and museums conservation at The Institute of Archaeology at University College London. Undertakes and advises on major archaeological conservation projects around the world. Also conservation of museum objects, advising museums on the installation, mounting and protection of collections. Chris advises and helps artists with the creation, movement and installation of     their work.
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Sarah Campbell LTD

Sarah co-founded the textile design company Collier Campbell with her late sister Susan Collier. Now working under her own name, Sarah designs both for the High Street and bespoke customers as well as teaching, talking, making, collaborating, blogging….
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Nat Dive is a practicing Art Psychotherapist with experience in a variety of settings. She has a First Class Fine Art degree from UCA Canterbury and a Masters Degree from Roehampton University. Nat works with mixed media and is concerned more with the process of creating than with the final product.




Jenny Edbrooke

Jenny holds a Masters in Fine Art from Brighton University and works in a diverse range of mediums.  Her vivacious background in performance art continues to bleed into her current work, which conveys the same trademark humour and viscerality.  Her current paintings explore astronomy, philosophy and a celebration of the female body, blending iridescent explosions of colour with dried flowers and car paint, on oak panels.  These rare fusions of deep glossy astronomical landscapes adorned with botanical treasures are skilfully crafted to make the colours literally change in front of your eyes.  She runs The Studio’ a professional studio space for artists with disabilities where artists are supported to create any masterpiece that they desire.
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JillianEldridgeJillian Eldridge

BA Wimbledon School of Art   MA Brighton University
I have had exhibitions of paintings in London, Wimbledon, East Grinstead, Hastings, Tunbridge Wells and Rye and have paintings in private collections around the UK, and also Stockholm, Valencia and San Francisco.
I paint in oil mainly, though enjoy watercolour too.  I run a Painting and Drawing class on Wednesday afternoons here at the Creative Centre, where I enjoy teaching most mediums in a class with people who are experienced in painting alongside those just beginning.
I am constantly attracted to line and space and although my work has gone through various phases, the constant is working with line and the space that line creates which for me is endlessly fascinating.
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Caroline Fraser

Fine art photography and book art using landscapes and abstracts from her travels. Caroline uses her camera to express the beauty and tranquility that she finds in the natural world, preferring to record intimate details of place.  Recent locations include the wild and remote landscapes of Scotland, New Zealand and Greenland. She tells personal stories by combining words and images in hand crafted books, and writes a regular blog ‘An ordinary Life’ about life and photography.  She is happy to discuss one to one tutorials on location in Camber Sands and Dungeness.
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JonathanHillsJonathan Hills

Jonathan Hills is both an old fashioned landscape painter and a long term advocate of new technology in image making. He has directed many sequences for film and television, and for a while ran the Hi Tech Fund which aimed at giving young artists access to London’s CGI community. He is a founder member of, which celebrates and shares artistic imagery, unexpected and un-retouched – objects and views that are only momentarily there.
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Angelika Howard’s work is colourful and vibrant and mainly abstract. As an art psychotherapist (retired), she is interested in the creative process and the healing properties of art making. She currently studies Fine Art – Contemporary Practice at South Coast College Hastings to broaden her horizons.
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Paula MacArthur

Paula MacArthur is an award winning painter, trained at the Royal Academy  Schools, who exhibits nationally and internationally and has work in several permanent collections including the National Portrait Gallery, London and Jiangsu Art Museum, China.
She works from objects which resonate with her life & ideas to create painterly, often large scale works which she sees as contemporary memento mori. She works with wet on wet glazes, merging oily translucent layers with the brush and dropping colour onto the canvas allowing it to bleed and grow into the surface.
In 2018 Paula had a solo exhibition at Kaleidoscope Gallery and Museum in Sevenoaks and was part of ‘In the future’ klonopin no prescription at Collyer Bristow Gallery in London. In January she was artist in residence at Griffin Gallery London and two of the residency paintings will be on show in Swansea at the Beep Painting Prize.
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RobMcCaigRob McCaig

Studied painting at Chelsea College of Art. Specialised in Illustration and worked for most mainstream publishers in the UK and America. All areas of illustration, book covers, illustrated fiction, children’s books and humorous cartoons. Most noteworthy authors: Jackie Collins, James Herriot, Wilbur Smith. Occasionally commissioned to make figurative bronzes for various clients, including Dick Francis. Available to accept commissions of any kind.




Jenny Pockley

‘I approach the subject of the City as a landscape painter giving the abstract qualities of paint and colour equal importance in my consideration. I aim to convey atmosphere and mood through the use of thin glazes of paint on a gesso ground. The paintings have a quality of time ‘slowed’ and the viewpoint is often high or distant to remove us from the hustle of the city.’



SuePrinceSusan Prince

Loving the colour, texture and tactile experience of textiles, Sue uses different crafts to make both useful and decorative objects. She uses feltmaking, embroidery, beadwork, patchwork, quilting and appliqué in her work and strives for beauty and good craftsmanship. The studio has been a belated but very welcome opportunity for Sue to do what she has always wanted to do.



Steph Rubin

Stephanie’s early training is rooted in traditional sculpture, archaeological restoration and work within bronze foundries. This grounding, combined with the experience of theatre set construction and the fabrication of artefacts for theme parks, has led to a unique understanding of how stories are expressed through the context of scenery and the person.
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Kathy studied fine Art at Brighton Art College and the Byam Shaw Art College in London from where she graduated in 1977. A traditional painter, water colours have always been her love with inspiration derived from nature, flowers, trees and landscapes. She also uses some of these floral images to decorate a range of wooden items ; where possible recycled. The studio has provided a wonderful haven to work in and is a complete joy.




A resonance with her home at Dungeness, Sarah strives to depict an emotional response to the open
landscape and storm clouds, to relay a sensation of vulnerability and a feeling of inability to change
the turbulent events that life brings.
A continuing interest in portraiture has revealed a commonality with the skyscapes, and her
personal viewfinder shows an intimate focus; an illuminating discovery of her way of seeing. An exploration into what people treasure or hold close, reveals a further understanding of the individual depicted.




Having completed her MA in Printed Textiles, Sally graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2003.
She immediately set up her own print studio and worked as a Fashion and Textile Designer for a number of years. During a break from the Fashion Industry, Sally worked in the Antiques Trade but is now returning to her first love, Printed Textiles. She joined Rye Creative Centre in July 2015 as a resident artist, and is excited by the proposition of translating her artwork from ‘cloth to canvas’.



Beverley Thornley

Collecting minerals directly from the land and using them to depict particular places and journeys is the bedrock of Beverley’s recent work. The place and materials take the lead. Her role is one of collaboration, encouraging inanimate stuff to express its unique character and, maybe, tell us something about where it is from.
Her art takes various forms – land art, drawings, prints, glass, installation – as she finds different ways to work with the geological materials to reveal their unique energy and history.
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Georgina Watson

Georgie Watson is a coastal inspired painter and printmaker working from her studio at the Rye Creative Centre and living in Camber Sands.
Her prints are original, lovingly hand printed Linocuts, so each one is unique. She also works in Oil on board and Watercolours that are often painted out in the field feeding into work that is completed in the studio.The themes in her work reflect a passion for watersports, the elements in nature and family time at the beach.



Simon Young

Simon is an accomplished weaver with a first class degree in Textile Design from the University of Derby. He has a passion for construction and a distinctive style, creating three-dimensional, ‘sculptural’ cloth artefacts. Simon also offers a variety of weaving workshops that can be tailored to the needs of the individual or group.
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Andrew vINER

Andy Viner is based in Rye, and has spent most of his life on the South East coast. His work has been described as Naive, Expressive, Poetic, even Abstract. Although elements of these styles do exist in his paintings, he endeavours to remain a figurative painter. In his work he tries to convey a narrative, and finds the coastline and the people who live and work along it a constant inspiration. He relies on the numerous sketches and drawings that form his daily practice, later committing the ideas to canvas. Andy predominately paint in oils, but also uses acrylic and mixed media, including household emulsion and chalk paints.
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Tara Macdonald began her career in horticulture, training at RHS Gardens Wisley for her diploma, achieving the award for best student and the Gardeners Guild Award for best newcomer. She went on to work for Christopher Lloyd at Great Dixter where she enjoyed many years on the gardening team. Her planting designs have been featured in many magazines; most recently her own garden featured in Country Homes and Interiors. She is now interested in exploring different media and is studying for a part time degree as a Designer Maker in Hastings. Her work is varied but is often influenced by her deep love of nature and natural forms.

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Jean-Louis’ preferred media are oils, watercolour and charcoal. He places great emphasis on the sound draftsmanship essential to figurative painting.
Drawing from techniques developed during the Renaissance and employed by the old masters, he is now exploring their application. Being particularly inspired by artists such a Vermeer and JMW Turner, and having also studied film and photography, he sees the quality of natural light as a hugely important aspect in all of his work.
Jean-Louis is currently developing a series of paintings depicting life at sea in the offshore oil and gas industry, where he has spent several years working.