Forthcoming Exhibitions

Just feel it

Paintings by Jillian Eldridge & Veronique Maria

Preview: 24th March,  2-5pm
Everyone welcome

Exhibition continues: 10am-2pm, Wednesday – Saturday & by appointment until 14 April
Jillian Eldridge teaches a weekly painting class in the art room at Rye Creative Centre, please click here for more details.

Image left: Veronique Maria, Gratitude Mandala 12, mixed media on canvas, 100 x 100 cm, 2017
Image right: Jillian Eldridge, Illuminated, oil on canvas, 120 x 80 cm, 2018

‘Just feel it’ is an exhibition of two painters whose work contrasts yet has an underlying connection. Veronique Maria’s mandala paintings are contemplative & absorbing in their circular beauty, Jillian Eldridge’s new paintings jangle with a different energy & intense colour. Both of these painters invite you to ‘just feel’ the effect of their images & to absorb the different sensations they create.

Jillian’s paintings are a new departure after focussing on her series of grid paintings for several years. These new paintings fly free from the stricture of the straight line & delve with relish into the anarchy of wild shape & colour. They come from drawings made in the moment when there is time for quiet thought. They are a departure from knowing exactly what will happen, into knowing that anything can happen, at any time.

Veronique’s art practice explores many genres. Since 1970’s she’s worked with ceramics, wood, sculpture, film, live-art, performance for camera & monumental earth work. Her ‘Gratitude Mandalas’ which are painted mostly in acrylic paint whilst standing at an easel with a tiny brush, arose out of her need to create despite physical limitations due to spinal injuries. Painting in this way is a very new process for Veronique as she generally used to use her whole body and specifically her hands to draw and paint.  Veronique’s main areas of interest continue to be love, intimacy and relationship.