Chi Gong

Chi Gong

Classes will not run over the Summer period but will return in September, date TBC

7-8pm, Tuesdays


Sharon Harrison will lead this Chi Gong class every Tuesday in the gallery.

Chi Gong translates to-
Life Energy Cultivation – from Chinese, where it has been practiced for self healing, for over 3000 years.
It is a form of exercises – movements which combined with slow deep breathing and meditation, is used to bring balance, core strength, health, vitality and peace. Each movement has a direct physical and energetic effect on certain part of the body, restoring it to its natural well being. The movements are gentle and slow and therefore suitable for everyone, strengthening the body on all levels. Chi Gong helps to manage conditions such as stress, depression, anger and other mental difficulties. It improves clarity and has a calming effect on the mind leaving you feeling vibrant, energised yet peaceful and joyous.
£5 per class

For more information please contact Sharon by email or phone 07980311565