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Highlights of events

1a-projects_virginsoldiers1b-projects_sm_doreyChristmas Showcase    
Virgin Soldiers
Dorey the Wise
Saturday 10th October
A lively mix of original music.


2a-projects_cb112b-projects_sm_cb11Christmas Bizarre 2011     
Saturday 10th December
3rd year for this excellent fair showcasing over 30 regional artists and makers work. This year the ‘bizarre’ came from Alice in Wonderland themed installations and decorations.


3a-projects_sydarthur3b-projects_sm_lauraSaturday 12th November
Stripped down psychadelic folk melodies from Syd Arthur and amazing support from rising star Laura J Martin.



4a-projects_cocos4b-projects_sm_willCocos Lovers     
+ Will Varley + Ladies of the Lake
Saturday 1st October
Cocos Lovers are an eight-piece folk roots band. Producing a fantastic mix of traditional English folk inter-woven with Eastern and African rhythms their intricate musicianship and full band harmonies make them a favourite on the festival circuit.

5a-event20115b_projects_sm_twatbTom Williams & the Boat
with support from Lauren Bransby
10th September
With their most recent single, ‘Get Older’ scoring them plays across BBC Radio’s 1, 2 and 6 and their debut album, ‘Too Slow’, acclaimed by 6 Music as their album of the day, the Kent band have made huge inroads into the nation’s consciousness. Photo by Jaqui Sadler

6a-projects_rwwshop6b-projects_sm_rwwshopRiver Walk, Talk, Draw and EatTaster workshop on 23rd July
A day long creative experience with artists Denise Franklin and Sarah Palmer. The class was based in the art room then walks were taken along the river pathway close to the school grounds. Lots of experimenting with materials and processes using a variety of papers, pencils, charcoal, inks etc. “Absolutely loved it, massively inspiring and it certainly opened up my creativity and enjoyment of drawing.”

7a-projects_rrw27b-projects_sm_rrw2Rye River Walk
16 – 22 July
Exhibition of drawings, paintings and ceramic pieces inspired by walking along the river Rother. Duncan Curtis played Latin and River inspired accordion at the opening celebration.


8a-projects_ryecollege8b-projects_sm_ryecollegeRye College Student Exhibition
Rye College GCSE Art, Textiles and Photography final exam work. There was a preview on Wednesday 29th June 6 to 8pm and was open to the public again on 2nd July 10am to 1pm.



9a-projects_esaf119b-projects_sm_esaf11Memories Presentation

East Sussex Contemporary Art Fair 2011
24th to 26 July



10a-projects_memoriespresentation10b-projects_sm_memoriespresentationMemories Project Presentation Afternoon
10th May 2011
Presentation of artwork to Rye College students with Anne Cockerham, Julian Hanshawe and the Mayoress.

Flip through the brochure on issuu.


11a-projects_ustream11b-projects_sm_ustreamustream Live Broadcast
Tuesday 12 April
The Rapdramatic Team broadcast live using ustream.



13th March 2011
Showcase of work produced over a weekend masterclass for early career performance poets.



13a-projects_grandpalais13b-projects_sm_grandpalaisSneak Preview
11 & 13th March 2011
Sneak preview of Nick Archers new work before it left for the Paris Art Fair.



14a-projects_thefabs14b-projects_sm_thefabsThe Fabulistics
12th February 2011
lively reunion gig of 13 piece soul band led by Rob McCaig.



15a-projects_tea15b-projects_sm_tea2Creatives Tea Party
January onwards 2011
Regular informal networking meetings for all kinds of visual artists to catch up on local news and events over tea and home-made cake!



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