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This is a rare opportunity to see a solo show of Nick Archer’s work at Rye Creative Centre where he holds a studio space in his home town of Rye.

“With their strange layerings of unexpected filmic and art historical references, (dark side of Walt Disney meets northern landscape), Nick Archer’s paintings have always seemed among the more genuinely complex and cultured explorations of the possibilities of landscape painting in an increasingly urbanised and disinherited culture: the more we are removed from it the deeper into our psyche it goes. These powerful new works seem to darken the picture further – David Lynch and ‘Blade Runner’ meet Altdorfer Bosch and Uccello among others, the layering involved in his paint process underlining the veils of estrangement between us and a lost Edenic world. Thus, in his images of children gazing at apparently deserted houses, we sense the loss as a profoundly metaphysical one.”
– Nicholas Usherwood 2017, Galleries Magazine – review of ‘The Journey’ exhibition 

Nick Archer (born 1963) lives and works in East Sussex. Trained at the Royal Academy Schools in London (1996-1999), he won several awards, including 1st at the ‘Hunting Art Prize’, commendation at the ‘BP Portrait Award’ and the Figure Painting Award at the ‘Discerning Eye’. His work has been exhibited extensively in the UK, Europe, and the USA. It is held in private, corporate and public collections around the world including the future satellite of the Hermitage Museum (Moscow).

Nick will also be showing at London Art fair with Long and Ryle in January 2020 and he will have his first solo show in New York with Christine Park Gallery in spring.

Creative Christmas Fair

Sat 23rd and Sun 24th November, 10am-4pm

Looking for a unique gift for a loved one or yourself? We’ve got you covered at this year’s Creative Christmas Fair! Come and browse through our resident artists’ and friends’ very special jewellery, ceramics, fine art and textiles, away from the High Street madness.

Stall holders include maker Paula Ash, BradleFish Art (Louise Bradley Fisher), ceramicist Pete Coleman, Jenny Edbrooke for The Studio, a professional Art studio for Artists with disabilities, mixed media artists Angelika Howard and Tara MacDonald, painter and printmaker Louise Pettifer, printmaker Ellen Prince, textile artist Susan Prince, traditional painter Kathy Russell, landscape artist Georgie Watson and glass artist Julie Willard.

Additionally to such gorgeous eye candy, the Hoolie Cafe will provide sweet and savoury treats – homemade, of course.

Free parking next to the venue on both days. The venue is wheelchair accessible.

This event is made possible through kind support by Rother District Council.

New Road Artists 10th Annual Open Studios

20 September 2019 5-8pm
21 September 11am – 4.30pm

Exhibition of all the New Road Artists’ work continues in the gallery until 11 October

Over one evening and one day the New Road Artists open their studios at Rye Creative Centre to the public for the 10th time.
This is your annual chance to view & buy a huge range of work directly from the artists’ and makers’ studios and celebrate a decade of creativity at Rye Creative Centre with us!

There’ll be a bar on Friday evening, a cafe during the day on Saturday & and exhibition of all the New Road Artists’ work in the gallery until 11 October 12-7.30pm weekdays only.

Free parking next to the venue on both days.

Im/material bodies

12 April – 10 May 2019
Private view 12 April 5.30-7.30pm
Exhibition continues until 10 May 11am – 7.30pm weekdays only

Drawing parallels between the materiality of canvas, paper, paint and the human body, these artists query whether the human spirit can be embodied materially. So often the mind is seen as being entirely separate from the body, completely splitting apart the physical & intellectual/spiritual. The works selected for this show embody that which does not already exist as an image or object and bring our awareness to the skin-like fragility of surface, at once describing something corporeal and evocative of its consciousness.

These artists distil feelings, thoughts and intuitions into static objects. They bring focus to the things which are ordinarily imperceptible so that they can be registered, understood and most crucially, felt. The surface qualities allude to flesh and bring our awareness to the delicate barrier between our internal and external existence; they suggest the possibility of transport between the self and other, physical and spiritual, material and immaterial revealing possible routes to our fundamental interconnectedness.

Sharon Haward creates interventions and assemblages that involve the superimposition of different media onto objects, structures and architectural spaces. She looks for ways of expressing a sense of shifting form and meaning, by overlaying one space with the memory or traces of itself or of another related site, changing the quality of the host space without obliterating it’s essential character.

Often working in three dimensions, Phil Illingworth nevertheless approaches his work as a ‘painter’, the history and visual syntax of painting providing him with a field of enquiry through which to explore the conventions of both painter and viewer. His works are created with the intention that they have no projected signifiers other than the physical realisation of the work, its material components and the language used to describe it.

Paula MacArthur’s garment series of paintings are suggestive of draped or wrapped figures yet our inability to be certain of precisely what lies underneath the fabric gives us a sense of unease and unworldliness. From a distance the illusion is readable but as the viewer gets closer surface comes into focus, the illusion disappears and the viewer becomes immersed in the expanse of transparent colour.

Wendy Saunders constructs her painting supports specifically to act as carriers for a number of ideas relating to the reading of human countenance and emotion. They are an evolved, abstracted representation of the human form, combining surface and materials she evokes ideas of character or states of human expression which activate a psychological reading merely with the addition of coloured paint. She experiments with ways that the materials can be used to drive these anthropomorphic representations and how that represents either a state of mind, some form of behaviour or ideas about the human condition”.

Sara Dare, Paintings

8 – 29 March 2019

Private view 8 March 5.30-7.30pm

Exhibition continues until 29 March 11am – 7.30pm weekdays only

Sara Dare is an abstract painter and installation artist based in coastal Sussex and works throughout the South East and London, she was awarded a solo show at Rye Creative Centre whilst featuring at The Winter Salon Exhibition. Her paintings ‘In-between’ and ‘Peaked’ were selected for this prize by painter and curator Paula MacArthur and Victoria Howarth, Head of Exhibitions at The Jerwood Gallery.

Primarily working on a large-scale, she explores the limits of surface using paper, linen and canvas, combined with a varied range of mediums such as ink, oil, emulsion, acrylic and varnish. She is also concerned with the environment surrounding the works and the conversations between them, consistently working on several pieces simultaneously. Through the use of organic bold shapes and complex colour combinations in her painting Dare seeks to convey an initial playful light-heartedness followed by a sense of unease and tension.

Alongside her practice Dare seeks to work on inclusive and educational creative projects with diverse community groups and audiences. She has worked as an artist, workshop leader and consultant on a broad range of visual arts programmes with organisations in the health sector such as NHS Partnerships and Tate Liverpool.

Recent exhibitions include a solo show at Sid Motion Gallery – London, in 2017 C’est De La Peinture at Bankley Gallery – Manchester, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun at Unit 3 Projects ASC Studios – London, in 2017 a solo exhibition Quick, Quick, Slow at Colonnade House Gallery – Worthing, in 2015 a solo feature at Design Junction, London Design Festival and in 2014 Dare was part of Littoral Drift a group exhibition during the Coastal Currents Festival in Hastings.