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New Road Artists Open Their Studios to the Public for the 10th Year

For the 10th time, the resident artists of Rye Creative Centre are holding their popular annual Open Studios event on 20 and 21 September 2019. Though the centre went through a couple of changes of management in the past decade, its creative community is a strong constant and keen to welcome both art lovers and fellow artists in their work spaces, while the gallery on the ground floor features a carefully curated selection of New Road Artists’ recent work on display.

Rye Creative Centre is home to 37 artists, designer-makers and creative companies, with studios or archives permanently on site. Starting off in 2009 as loosely connected studio holders, the artists organised themselves into a collective under the name of “New Road Artists” in 2015, filling the on-site gallery with attractive exhibitions of their own work, as well as inviting other regional and international artists to present their creations to an audience from Rye and its surroundings.

On 20 September from 5pm-8pm and 21 September from 11am-4.30pm, visitors will be able to enter the studios of over 20 artists and makers working in disciplines like sculpture, painting, photography, textile art and various mixed media work, as well as “The Studio”, the creative space for artists with physical disabilities and/or learning differences who come and make art with Jenny Edbrooke.

There’ll be a bar on Friday evening, a cafe during the day on Saturday, both easy accessible on the ground floor. The exhibition of all New Road Artists’ work in the gallery continues until 11 October, 12-7.30pm weekdays only.

Paula MacArthur, one of the first creatives to rent a studio space at the then called “School Creative Centre” has taken part in almost all 10 Open Studio events now. She recommends “This is your once-in-a-year opportunity to view and buy a huge range of work directly from all the artists and makers of Rye Creative Centre. Let’s make it an extra special one for our 10th anniversary!”

For more information contact Paula MacArthur, gallery manager and board member of New Road Artists Association at Rye Creative Centre,

Rye Creative Centre
New Road
TN31 7LS
phone: 01797 229797